“The Worst President in My Lifetime”, Howard Davidowitz on Obama

President Obama is having a rough go of things lately. As noted here last week, for the first time in his presidency, more Americans disapprove of Obama (48%) than approve of him (45%), according to the latest WSJ/NBC poll. And 62% say the country is headed in the wrong direction.“The American people are right,” says Howard Davidowitz of Davidowitz & Co. A critic of Obama’s, from the start, Davidowitz refers to him as the “worst” President of his lifetime, even worse than of Jimmy Carter, based on: * — The War in Afghanistan: Davidowitz doesn’t see the point. As far as he can tell, after 7 years, hundreds of billions spent, and thousands of U.S. lives lost, the Afghans still can’t defend against the Taliban. Plus, the Afghan government is stealing billions in aid from the U.S. The WSJ reports, $3 billion in U.S. aid has been loaded onto planes by corrupt officials and flown out of the Kabul airport since 2007. “If they can’t be trained, if they’re stealing all our money, all our soldiers are dying. I don’t understand how any of this is logical,” proclaims Davidowitz. * — Out of Control Spending: Davidowitz thinks Obama has wasted time and taxpayer money pushing ‘Obamacare’ into law at a time when the debt-to-GDP ratio is expected to hit 62% by year’s end. “We’re going broke because of Medicare, Medicaid and everything else. He added another benefit, health-care. Can you explain that to me?” * — BP Oil Spill: “It could destroy the country,” he says. Davidowitz fears the continued loss of hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil per day will drive gas prices higher, further choking and already struggling consumer. Meanwhile, he questions why the President waited 50 days to contact BP executives. Davidowitz recognizes Obama was handed a difficult hand upon entering office, and admits the political system is dysfunctional. Actually, in the many times Davidowitz has appeared on Tech Ticker he’s rarely had a nice thing to say about any politician, regardless of party. What he’d like to see is a return to fiscal responsibility, lacking these days. “Ross Perot did a huge service to this country when he ran because all he talked about was the budget and what was going on and it forced Clinton to deal with it,” Davidowitz says.

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7 Good Reasons Why The Dollar Will Fall and Gold Rise

It’s time to provide some fundamental reasons as to why the dollar is in trouble long term and why the precious metals sector and the commodities sector stands to benefit from these dollar woes.

  1. The US has a massive current account deficit and it only seems to be getting bigger. Economists may play with the numbers by stating that one month is less than the other and so forth, but the trend is up. It now comes close to 6% of our total economic activity.
  2. The US needs to attract a whopping 1.8 billion dollars a day to compensate for the current account gap. This trend is simply unsustainable.
  3. While Government officials talk big about a strong dollar policy, they actually favour a weak dollar. This serves two purposes, it helps increase exports and it allows the government to pay its debt with lower valued dollars. As long as the Government continues to borrow at these mind boggling rates, it is going to unofficially favour a weak dollar.
  4. By inflating the money supply, the government is imposing a nefarious silent killer tax on the masses. The only way to hedge against this outright theft is to hedge yourself by getting into hard assets (precious metals, lumber, oil, etc).
  5. Our national debt is 12.4 trillion and increasing. However, this does not take into consideration all our unfunded liabilities such as Social Security and Medicare. If these are combined, the debt levels soar to well unimaginable levels.
  6. 44 states are facing budget shortfalls. California is leading the way as it is expected to spend 50% more than it will generate this year. Now that is a really scary thought. Since 2007 US states have collectively spent 300 billion more than they have generated. These deficits mean higher taxes and so far 33 states have raised taxes, but collections have plummeted to their worst levels in 46 years; you cannot squeeze water out of a rock. No jobs means no revenues but states are selling new bonds at record rates to raise funds. It’s a recipe for long term disaster.
  7. Eventually the Fed is going to have to raise rates to continue attracting the huge amounts of money it needs to function. Overseas investors are going to start demanding higher rates. Higher rates will kill this fragile economy. Precious metals thrive in a high interest rate environment. From a long term perspective the bull market in precious metals has only just begun.
About the author: Sol Palha

Jim Rogers Says, Gold Will Hit $2,000 and USA Will Lose Status As The World’s Reserve Currency

Good Time To Buy Gold

Good Time To Buy Gold

Famed investor Jim Rogers is “quite sure gold will go over $2000 per ounce during this bull market.”Rogers’ confidence gold will continue to rally stems from a view the U.S. dollar is on its way to losing status as the world’s reserve currency.”Is it going to happen? Yes,” Rogers says. “I don’t like saying it [and] I’m extremely worried about it but we have to deal with the facts. America is not getting better [and] the dollar is going to be replaced just like pound sterling [was].”Rogers didn’t offer a timetable, and it’s likely gold would exceed $2000 per ounce if the dollar were to lose its reserve status.Still, “I wouldn’t buy gold today,” Rogers says. “I think I’ll make more money in other commodities, which are cheaper,” as discussed in more detail here.Among many others, Rogers is “worried about the fact the U.S. government is printing huge amounts, spending gigantic amounts of money it doesn’t have,” the investor and author says. “People are very worried [and] skeptical about paper money [and] looking for places to protect themselves. The best way is to buy real assets. [That] has always protected one during currency turmoil, and it will again.”

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Marc Faber – America Already Has Way Too Much Debt

Ken Fisher’s argument that America is “under indebted” and that more debt will be a global phenomenon in the next 10-20 years raised a lot of eyebrows last week – and quite a few catcalls in our comments section.Fisher may be technically right — that there’s appetite for more U.S. debt, but Marc Faber, editor of The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report, scoffs at the idea that it would be healthy or smart.More debt “comes at the expense of a falling dollar…and much higher inflation rates in the future,” says Faber, who notes the U.S. has total debt-to-GDP ratio of 375%, “excluding contingent liabilities from Medicare and Medicaid.”Perhaps more important than absolute debt levels, Faber says much of America’s debt has gone to pay for unproductive things like golf courses and big houses and investments with Bernie Madoff.Meanwhile, emerging market economies, in Asia particularly, have much lower debt levels and have used leverage to pay for modernization of factories and educated workers when they’ve used debt, Faber says.”The Western world is overleveraged,” he says. “We’ve mortgaged the future and our children will have to pay for that somehow.”It is for these and related reasons that Faber is “ultra-bearish” on the dollar and much more optimistic about emerging market economies, as discussed in these earlier segments:

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Jim Rogers says “The Dollar is Doomed”

Jim Rogers says “The Dollar is Doomed”

Symbol “GLD” for Gold is a good buy betwween $85 and $90

I just found this site, and it is a very good read. Take a look on his opinion on Gold and paper currency devaluation. I think it could happen.

Decision Moose, by William Dirlam

Check out his site at http://www.decisionmoose.com

Moose favorite, gold, is tightly linked to the health of the financial system. This week, as the threat of money center bank nationalization, and the uncertainties that “quick and easy” solution entails from a global perspective, receded, the price of gold also fell. A new UK bank bailout program right before their major banks began reporting also calmed the fear. (Gold is a more global story than the other assets in the model. Its demand is more universal.)

Gold has had a nice run, surpassing its July ‘08 high last Friday, but this week it lost in five straight sessions. That the stimulus package and now the new budget are raising interest rates, and will most likely weaken the US economy, remains a disinflationary concern for gold bugs. It is to gold bugs’ outright dismay that Treasury Secretary Geithner, who was closely linked to the Lehman decision, seems to be wary of taking any further chances that could lead us to another precipice.

The good news is that by maximizing the cost of government while minimizing the economic benefit, we should eventually debase the currency something fierce. Moreover, the higher interest rates implicit in this strategy are already hitting the mortgage market, reducing mortgage values, pressuring bank assets and working to reinvigorate systemic fear.

So the model continues to hold gold. It is a near term bet that the Feds will get the bank bailout wrong, but it is also a long term bet that, even if they do get it right, paper currency will become worthless in the process.

If you missed the Moose signal ($89.59), GLD has considerable technical support between 85 and 90.  While it could go lower than that, getting in mid-signal in that range might be reasonable. At the moment, very little else seems attractive, even though I continue to feel that the chances of severe near term economic weakness and possibly even deflation far outweigh any alternative.