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  1. just call, ask for a collections aucncot manager, ask for the best offer they can give you to clear it, right then.or offer an amount yourself, say from 60% or what you have. shucks all they can do is say no thanks .But here is a idea, offer to resume payments, at a higher minimum, a lower interest rate, and payoff within a specific period. This will show them you have given considerable thought to working this out. stress the fact you would like to salvage it, and keep the card, and improve your rating. just be nice and respectful, you never know card companies often will take an aucncot of out of collections and resume posting positive rating’s ! this is way better than collections payoff, even if you dump the card later, you’ll have improved your score a few points. That will save you a lot more than the small penalty you’ll pay now.

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