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RGE Monitor

RGE Monitor

Current News tidbits from the RGE Monitor

  • Cost of Treasury Intervention in Financial Markets and Impact on Fiscal Deficit is Only Getting Bigger
  • Democrats Call for Capping Executive Pay: Time to Reform Financial Sector Compensation Packages?
  • Asian Central Banks Continue Liquidity Injection: Are Money Markets Responding?
  • Are Asian Economies Vulnerable to Another Crisis This Time?
  • N Korea: Nuke Defiance and Sanction Effects
  • Effects of the Financial Turmoil on European Banks: Will A Bail-Out Scheme Be Necessary?
  • Home Price Decline Continues in the UK
  • Effect of Short-Selling Ban on Hedge Funds
  • Slovenia Politics: Center-Left Opposition Wins Parliamentary Election
  • What Will Be the Economic Effects of South Africa’s Political Instability?
  • Taro Aso Set to Become Japan’s Next Prime Minister: Economic Impact?
  • Russia Macro Effects of Liquidity Squeeze Oil Exporters Fiscal Stance
  • Iran: Yet Another Central Bank Governor Replaced – Economic Policy and FX Reform?
  • Will Latin Central Banks Stop Hiking Rates?
  • Latin Equity Markets Responses
  • UN General Assembly 63rd Session Kicked Off: Russia-West Rift, Iran, Georgia, Kosovo and Reform Debate


RGE Monitor delivers ahead-of-the-curve global economic insights that financial professionals need to know. Our analysts define the key geostrategic debates and continuously distill the best thinking on all sides. This intelligence, along with exclusive analysis from internationally-known experts, is accessed through a powerful Web interface that provides both focused snapshots and deeper perspectives. Whether you are establishing direction, executing transactions, influencing decisions or performing in-depth research, RGE Monitor is your essential resource.

Our Story

RGE Monitor was founded in 2004 by a prestigious team of economic and political experts. Today, thousands of senior managers at first-tier public and private financial institutions rely on our insights. Our clients include prominent asset managers, hedge funds, commercial banks, investment banks, policy organizations and universities. Thanks to our innovative content and services, RGE Monitor has been named one of the world’s best economics websites by BusinessWeek, The Economist, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal.

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