Credit Crunch Part 2 – Coming Soon

All seems quiet now – but…


the 3 month T-Bill is now yielding only 3.85% as of today’s Interest Rates on Bloomberg -which is saying there is a flight to quality in the bond market.

Did you hear the recent announcments of the major right offs (Losses $$) by all the big Banks in the past week or so – several hundred millions lost for each bank due to the Credit Crunch.

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  1. Appreciation to my father who shared with me on the topic of this webpage, this blog is truly remarkable.

  2. Inter-bank securitization largely depends on US-imposted energy contracts with Europe during the 60s and the related cheap-oil / easy-money greed-technology’s instrumental engineering of the cold-war era. Industrial dominance and systemic financial abuse is deeply rooted in the Public-Private Partnership doctrine, of which the International Gasunion (Nederlandse Gasunie)still is the globe’s most prominent example and never explained.

    Try to comprehend the global complexxon related to the Royal Dutch Disease:
    Stephan GM Tychon
    chief officer of change, WSC

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